NoSQLBooster 8.1 Released! official support for MongoDB 7.0

We're so proud to release NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 8.1 today. This version includes official support for MongoDB 7.0, Visual explain for Slot-Based Query Execution along with some useful improvements and bugfix. For more information on MongoDB Server 7.0 , see Release Notes for MongoDB 7.0.

MongoDB 7.0 support

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 8.1 added support for all the new mongosh methods, aggregation stages and operators of MongoDB 6.1-7.0. Aggregation Pipeline ( and Operator helper ($.) also add these helper methods.

New Aggregation Operators

MongoDB 6.3 introduces the following aggregation operators:

Name Description NoSQLBooster Helper method
$bitAnd Returns the result of a bitwise and operation on
an array of int or long values.
$bitNot Returns the result of a bitwise not operation on
a single argument or
an array that contains a single int or long value.
$bitOr Returns the result of a bitwise or operation on
an array of int or long values.
$bitXor Returns the result of a bitwise xor (exclusive or) operation on
an array of int and long values.

New MongoDB 7.0 mongosh Methods

Name Description
db.collection.createSearchIndex() Creates an Atlas Search index on a specified collection.
db.collection.dropSearchIndex() Deletes an existing Atlas Search index.
db.collection.getSearchIndexes() Returns information about existing Atlas Search indexes on a specified collection.
db.collection.updateSearchIndex() Updates an existing Atlas Search index.

New MongoDB 7.0 Aggregation Stages.

Name Description NoSQLBooster Helper Method
$listSampledQueries Lists sampled queries for all collections or
a specific collection.
$listSearchIndexes Returns information about existing Atlas Search indexes
on a specified collection.

Visual explain for Slot-Based Query Execution

NoSQLBooster 8.1 supports visual the explain results of the slot-based execution engine. Click here to see MongoDB official information on slot-based execution engine.

Visual explain for SBE

Other Improvements

New Tooltip Show Event Option (ATL+MouseMove)

The tooltip message displayed with a delay of 1 second is sometimes quite annoying, and its inappropriate pop-up can sometimes cause unnecessary interference to the input. In 8.1 we added a new tooltip showevent option, you can use Alt+mousemove (hold alt key) to trigger the display of tooltip instead of the original mousemove event. When you press the alt key, the tooltip will be displayed immediately instead of being delayed for a second.

Use Menu -> Options -> Tooltip (Mouse Hover) to turn on this "ALT+MouseMove" option, default value is "Mouse Move".

Menu - Tooltip option

Minor Improvements and Bugfix

  • Fixed, Collection JSON import cause: E11000 duplicate key error when id policy is "overwrite_with_same_id" and the imported _id field is UUID.
  • Improved, Log Viewer - Use EJSON.parse instead of JSON.parse.

Patch Releases

Version 8.1.1

  • Improved, MongoDB AWS Authentication - add a "From Credential Process" option. More about it.
    AWS-Auth - fromProcess
  • Fixed, a mongosh command sh.status. output result compatible issue.
  • Fixed, an export error where the export option did not take effect. The error occurs when the export format is "Simple JSON Text" and the line separator is "\n,".

Version 8.1.2

  • Improved, Add Mongodump to the context menu of the database/collection tree node. Connection Tree -> Database/Collection Node -> Context Menu -> Export Collection -> Mongodump...
  • Improved, Add MongoRestore to the context menu of the database/collection tree node. Connection Tree -> Database/Collection Node -> Context Menu -> Import Collection -> Mongorestore...
  • Improved, Add "Add/Edit User Snippet..." item to the command palette.
  • Fixed, a bug where the tooltip could not pop up when the mouse hovered over the script history menu item.

Version 8.1.3

  • Fixed, a bug where console.log data was out of order when importing JSON file to collection.

Version 8.1.4

  • Fixed, an error where the license information in the status bar was displayed incorrectly.

Version 8.1.5

  • Fixed, an errors array undefined bug that was reported when copying a collection.

Version 8.1.6

  • Added, Right-click ObjectId/Reference field and choose "Follow Reference" will open a document viewer with document the ObjectID/Reference it points to. The shortcut key is "shift+F7".
    Follow Reference
  • Improved, SQL correlated subqueries to allow one end of the equality operation to be an array type. Use the $cond operator to select $in instead of $eq based on the data type of the field.
  • Fixed, an error where updating data reported a not-primary node error when read preference mode is secondaryPreferred.
  • Fixed, "BSONSymbol" method typing definition issue.

Version 8.1.7

  • Fixed, In some cases, there is an error in importing the external Relational database tables, improperly silencing the error message.
  • Fixed, a bug where non-public schema tables could not be listed when importing external data from PostgreSQL.

Version 8.1.8

  • Improved, Moved object explorer's tooltip to the right to avoid blocking the object tree. You can now also press Alt+F12 to switch the tooltip(MouseHover) show event to Mouse Move + Alt Key Pressed.
    Object Explore Tooltip
  • Improved, sorts the fields of the index creation dialog and caches the fields to speed up the display of the field list.
  • Improved, SQL - Simplifies the generation of MongoDB shell scripts that project fields embedded in the object array.
  • Improved, SQL - Support statements like select * from collection where "arrayObject" = elemMatch(name LIKE '%abc%', title = RegExp('abc', 'i')), LIKE and RegExp in elemMatch where condition.
  • Fixed, a bug with copy collection that caused an infinite import error when the source and target collection were the same.
  • Fixed, a collection export error. When there is already an active query in the current tab, a collection export error occurs when clicking on Export Collection in the right-click menu of the object explorer.
  • Fixed, a bug that pressing Command+Shift+[ or Command+Shift+] to switch tabs doesn't work under MacOS.
  • Fixed, a bug that clicking on a collection in the search result list of the object tree could not open the collection directly.

Version 8.1.9

  • Improved, to avoid too much invalid logging, only the first command output is printed when the mongosh command is inside a for loop.
  • Improved, in the "Add script to favorites (user snippets)" feature, it is possible to override renamed code snippets.

Version 8.1.10

  • Fixed, a bug in the UI display when the tree view is refreshed
  • Improved, allow connection to MongoDB Server 8.0.

Thank you!

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