MongoBooster 3.2

We're so proud to release Mongobooster 3.2 today. This version includes official support for MongoDB 3.4 along with some useful minor improvements and bugfix. For more information on MongoDB 3.4 , see Release Notes for MongoDB 3.4.

Hotfix in MongoBooster 3.2.3

  • Improved:  add "Current Query Result" export option for non-cursor collections (plain collections)

  • Changed:  default "Tab Name Format" to "Database:Collection"

  • Changed:  loosen the restriction - Test Data Generator restricts to test database.

  • Changed:  loosen the restriction - Read-only status lock restricts to localhost:27017 connection

Hotfix in MongoBooster 3.2.2

  • Fixed:  missing edit icon in the black theme

  • Fixed:  windows freezes or stops responding when SSH connection lost (Windows  platform only)

MongoDB 3.4 support

MongoBooster 3.2 adds support for all the new shell methods and operations of MongoDB 3.4. Sharding Zones, Linearizable Read Concern, Decimal Type, New Aggregation Stages, Views, and Collation.

New Aggregation Stages

MongoDB 3.4 adds a few aggregation stages for Recursive Search, Faceted Search, Facilitate Reshaping Documents, Count and Monitor. In MongoBooster 3.2, all new aggregation stages can be used as the chainable methods, rather than specifying a JSON object.

         from: "employees",
         startWith: "$reportsTo",
         connectFromField: "reportsTo",
         connectToField: "name",
         as: "reportingHierarchy"
         groupBy: "$price",
         buckets: 4
       totalHomework: { $sum: "$homework" } ,
       totalQuiz: { $sum: "$quiz" }
    .addFields({ totalScore:
       { $add: [ "$totalHomework", "$totalQuiz", "$extraCredit" ] } 
      .$count("passing_scores")////why not count? MongoBooster already has a method called count which return number

Decimal Type

MongoDB 3.4 adds support for the decimal128 format with the new decimal data type.

![MongoDb decimalType](


MongoDB 3.4 adds support for creating read-only views from existing collections or other views. MongoBooster 3.2 adds related shell method and GUI functions to make it easier to explorer and create.

![MongoBooster Views](

Minor Improvements & Bugfix

  • Added,  a "Query By Example" icon button to the tree view toolbar

  • Improved, auto-complete feature for object property and field

  • Changed, auto-complete feature restricts to "test" or "demo" database after 60 days trial expired.

  • Fixed, not able to connect SSL enabled(self-signed ) ReplicaSet connection.

Thank you!

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