NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.6 Released! official support for MongoDB 4.0

We're so proud to release NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.6 today. This version includes official support for MongoDB 4.0 along with some useful minor improvements and bugfix. For more information on MongoDB 4.0 , see Release Notes for MongoDB 4.0.


Hotfix in MongoBooster 4.6.1

  • Fixed, a serious bug that prevented the query builder and aggregate method from working. #ref

MongoDB 4.0 support

NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.6 upgrades embedded MongoShell to 4.0, adds support for all the new shell methods and operations of MongoDB 4.0. Multi-Document Transactions and New Type Conversion Operators.

WARNING: MongoDB 2.4 reached end of life in March of 2016, MongoDB Node.js 3.x driver dropped support for MongoDB 2.4 or below. Beginning in NoSQLBooster for MongoDB 4.5, versions of MongoDB server prior to version 2.6 are no longer supported.


Minor Improvements

Connection troubleshoot

Added connection log console to show debugging data when a "test connection are being established.


Allows saving and editing DNS Seeds Connections


Add first/last navigation buttons


Added more options for formatting numbers



  • Fixed, no context menu in the "connection editor" text boxes #ref
  • Fixed, tree view arrays within documents won't expand after changing output panel option #ref
  • Fixed, Closing a tab right after running a script make the program freeze #ref
  • Fixed, unable to start local mongo instance when connected via ssh to a remote instance #ref

Thank you!

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