Announcing MongoBooster 1.2

Today, we're happy to announce the release of MongoBooster 1.2. This release adds show history of previous scripts, UI for MongoDump and MongoRestore, show the total number of rows, new Hack font and several minor updates. This release also addresses a few issues around stability, performance and compatibility.

Although we are showing screenshots of MongoBooster for Windows, all this new features are available for Mac OS X and Linux as well.

Show history of previous scripts

Press [F7] to pop up history scripts list. Use the up and down key's to scroll through previously typed scripts. Press [Enter] to send it to the code editor shell.


Show the total number of rows

By default, MongoBooster will show the total number of rows in result view if the query time is less then 300 ms. You can disable the feature or adjust the setting in "Options -> Auto fetch cursor count".


MongoDump GUI tool


MongoRestore GUI tool


New Hack font

MongoBooster adapts a new typeface designed for source code - Hack. Hack is hand groomed and optically balanced to be your go-to code face.

hack font

Notable bug fixes and minor updates

  • New, support authentication mechanism x.509(authMechanism=MONGODB-X509)
  • New, a few new code snippets, insertOne, insertMany, updateOne, updateMany, deleteOne, deleteMany, replaceOne, findTextSearch, findnearLegacy2d and findnear$geometry
  • New, use ObjectId.getTimestamp() method to get "createAt" field and show it in JSON View.(screenshot)
  • New, add a "View Document..." right-click menu item in GridFS tree view
  • New, add "Options->Legacy UUID Encoding", allow LUUID encoding as Raw data, Java, C# or Python
  • New, add "Help -> MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline Quick Reference" menu item
  • New, add a "Feedback/Support" button to bottom-right of home screen
  • Improved, new "To URI" dialog, hide password/include extra parameters(eg. SSH connections)
  • Improved, allow you to export the query result set in GridFS bucket
  • Improved, allow select item when importing connection configs
  • Improved, can export aggregation result direct to the .csv file
  • Improved, add "Current query result" source to export aggregation query
  • Improved, create Database now enabled in all supported MongoDB versions
  • Improved, manually list visible databases when use any authentication
  • Fixed, cannot copy database between two MongoBooster windows
  • Fixed, a sorting issue in method auto-complete
  • Fixed, a UI refresh issue after changing editor theme
  • Fixed, In-place editor can not save string when it contains double quote
  • Fixed, PageUp and PageDown Keypress bug in tree view and table view

Thank you!

Please visit our feedback page or click the “Feedback” button in the app. Feel free to suggest improvements to our product or service. Users can discuss your suggestion and vote for and against it. We’ll look at it too.